• Economics

    A conservative calculation, in the light of European & UK research, shows just what good returns can be gained from plants in the work place. Based on a 100 desk based staff and with a realistic objective of reducing absenteeism by 1% through improving the working environment.

    For Example:

    Cost of renting 25 plant displays at £3600 p.a.
    (£300 per month)

    Return of 1% of payroll equals to £17,000 p.a. = equals one salary
    *Net potential saving to your business is at least

    = £13400 p.a. in the simple terms.


    Factoring in the additional benefits :

    ·Improved productivity

    ·Lower noise levels

    ·Cleaner air

    ·Attractive environment

    … £13400 could be just the start!

    Take the lead from NASA, European governments and market leading companies.


    PLANTSCAPES are trusted by top companies, nationwide, when planting really matters.

    • We offer a comprehensive service, delivered by likeable people who know their business & care about service delivery. Every employee of PLANTSCAPES is a trained technician. Everybody, regardless of job title, works with plants regularly & understands them fully.
    • Our existing clients like our service so much that they stay with us for years. Much of our new business comes from their recommendation.
    • We believe in the benefits from plants in the workplace but we understand that value is important.
    • Most of our plants are hand picked by us, from leading growers in Europe & shipped in our own transport. This relationship with our growers & suppliers gives us a clear understanding of both the technical aspects relating to plants & an overview of an important marketplace
    • We believe our success comes from listening to clients & being flexible & responsive. We like simple agreements, clear standards & fixed prices. It is our intention to be the best service provider, of anything, our clients use.

    Yes we grow plants successfully. We also grow B2B relationships that last.

  • A service designed to make you life easier

    PLANTSCAPES! Millions of people have seen our work. At Airports, Service Stations, Railway Stations, Venues, Restaurants, Malls, Stores & Offices.

    Whatever your needs or budget…
    · A Reliable maintenance service
    · A few simple displays
    · Planting for health & productivity
    · Planting to screen or theme
    · Planting to support product
    · Long term or short rental
    · Security planting
    · Retail Support
    · A technical atrium planting with lighting & irrigation
    · Planting to reinforce concepts of season, time or place

    …PLANTSCAPES can make it happen. Easily!